Your Data is Vulnerable

One in five small businesses will suffer a security breach this year. Do you know if your business is vulnerable? Although security breaches are common, 97% of them are preventable. But do you have the necessary measures in place to protect your business?

A Data Breach Could Have Grave Consequences

Every business has valuable data, some more than others. And a security breach means having to tell your employees or customers that their data is now out there in untrustworthy hands. Having to own up to it publicly could be the least of your worries, depending on what kind of information was hacked.

ABQ-IT Can Help!

With our cybersecurity screening, we can meet with you to pinpoint any vulnerabilities in your security. In some cases, we shine a light on actions your team can take to be better protected. And with any infrastructure and IT solutions, we’re here to help. Nearly all breaches are preventable with today’s technology, so don’t let a cyber attack happen to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my company is vulnerable to a security breach?

You can start by downloading our free pdf called “15 Ways to Protect Your Business From a Cyber Attack,” found on our homepage. Also, schedule a consultation with the ABQ-IT team to help you identify any weak points and solutions.

What are some simple things I can do to improve the security of my business?

While ABQ-IT uses our expertise to protect clients in more complicated ways (dark web research and advanced endpoint detection), there are many things the layperson can do to protect themselves and their business. To start, make sure you have the latest updates on your computer, use multi-factor authentication when possible, and educate your team about spam emails.

How much does cybersecurity support cost?

There’s no specific answer to this question because it depends on what your company already has in place, the scale of support needed, and other factors. But, our consultations are no pressure situations, just meant for your education. If you choose to move forward with one-time or ongoing support, we will provide you with a custom quote.

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