In the cloud, there are so many misconceptions concerning what it is and does. When technology is understood-the benefits begin to outweigh any negatives associated with using said service or product in general (such as security). Cloud Services can mean different things depending on who you’re talking too; here’s four common myths about clouds: 

  • Cloud computing is a fad. Cloud computing has been around for a long time; it’s just now starting to take off. The concepts and technologies behind this emerging field are constantly evolving, with high adoption rates continuing into the next few years!
  • The Cloud is not secure. With a team of security experts working 247, cloud providers provide unparalleled protection for businesses.
  • Cloud computing reduces productivity. Cloud computing improves workplace efficiency by providing increased productivity benefits. With access to more resources at any time, employees can be even more productive and successful in their jobs than before!
  • Cloud computing is expensive. The upfront costs of a cloud migration can seem overwhelming, but the long-term savings will often offset these initial expenditures. Cloud technology saves small business owners 20% more on their tech budgets than those that don’t use this type of service.

With cloud computing, small businesses have access to the most cutting edge technology. ABQ-IT’s experts can help you identify what solutions are best for your needs and take a direct route into this new world of enterprise level service delivery!