ABQ-IT Supports BeeHive Homes in Albuquerque with Big Updates

ABQ-IT is an Albuquerque IT company that has been helping New Mexico businesses of all sizes with their IT needs since 2016. ABQ-IT is familiar with partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the city. And one project it recently completed was a big refresh and update for BeeHive Homes that will greatly improve the work-life quality for staff.

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BeeHive Homes is a well-known national franchise of nursing homes, memory care facilities, and respite care facilities. And, BeeHive has several locations in Albuquerque and more throughout New Mexico. Recently, BeeHive Homes contracted ABQ-IT to visit their various New Mexico facilities and do a major technology update.

Greg Mullen, President of ABQ-IT, shared, 

“We refreshed all the technology in those locations to make it more secure for the residents and better and easier to use for the nursing and care staff.”  

With new hardware, software, and security measures in place, BeeHive is proactively ensuring the security of protected health information. In a world where an astounding number of businesses experience one form or another of cyber attack, BeeHive is doing everything it can to make sure its residents and staff are safe.

Among the updates, Mullen and the team at ABQ-IT completed a full network upgrade, increased cybersecurity technology, and replaced all the endpoint devices, like computers and tablets, with Apple devices.

Another benefit for the nursing and support staff is that the new technology is updated and easier to use. Mullen shared, 

“The changes that we made will improve the work life quality through better technology for their nursing staff and other staff.”

ABQ-IT looks forward to continuing to support BeeHive Homes with its IT needs and ongoing cybersecurity.