Cybersecurity for New Mexico Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider, the last thing you need on your plate is a cybersecurity breach. Whether you’re on the operations team at one of our region’s major hospitals or you have your own private practice healthcare facility, you’re probably well acquainted with the fears of a potential security breach. And HIPAA holds the industry to the highest standard, as it should, which makes security even more intense. So how can an IT company in Albuquerque help your practice be more secure?

HIPAA Compliance

At ABQ-IT, we specialize in helping businesses with the strictest compliance requirements including government entities, schools, and of course, healthcare. HIPAA compliance is always changing, and we’re here to help you stay on top of any updated regulations. We care about protecting your business and your patients from protected information getting out into the world.

Hardware/Software Refresh

One vulnerability in security is when hardware and software are out of date. At ABQ-IT, we can work with our sister company, Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling, to make sure your healthcare business has the most up-to-date technology so that your systems are running optimally.

Scalable With Your Heathcare Practice

At ABQ-IT, we know that a major hospital has different needs than a small, private practive with just a few doctors or practitioners. We have experience working in the healthcare industry with offices of all sizes, and know how to ensure that as you scale, your PPI, EMR, and protected business information all stay secure.

Proactive About Your Vulnerabilities

One in five small businesses will suffer a security breach this year, and the healthcare industry is included in that. Do you know if your healthcare practice is vulnerable? Although security breaches are common, 97% of them are preventable. We get ahead of your vulnerabilities and make sure everything possible is in place to ensure your compliance and security.

Looking to bring in some outside IT support to help your healthcare practice with compliance and cybersecurity? Give ABQ-IT a call today at (505)582-6583 or contact us on our website.