Your Customers and Your Staff Are Vulnerable

It’s tempting to look at our businesses through rose-colored glasses and hope nothing bad occurs. But unfortunately, theft happens, disputes between employees and customers are inevitable, and not all staff is trustworthy.

There are many reasons why businesses reach out needing security camera installation. But the biggest thing they’re searching for is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that employees, customers, and the business, in general, are protected with video evidence if something does go wrong

Security Systems Provide Peace of Mind and Accountability

Deter internal and external theft, keep tabs on what’s happening in your business, and have recorded evidence of incidents when they arise so you can confidently handle them with a video surveillance system.

When you hire ABQ-IT to install a security camera system, our team can come out quickly (between same-day and a few weeks if we need to order parts) and do a full installation. Then, we’ll train your team how to use it so you can take charge of your business’ security. Popular industries for security camera installations include healthcare, dispensaries, retail, banks, and really any business that just wants another layer of security.

Security Camera Features

At ABQ-IT, our security camera systems have a variety of features and benefits, including:

  • Encrypted video supports your cybersecurity efforts
  • Trusted brands like Amcrest, Annke, GW, and Reolink
  • Watch live and playbacks from your phone or desktop
  • Save encrypted footage for 90 days in the cloud
  • Both video and audio so you can hear verbal exchanges
  • Standalone NVR and hybrid systems available
  • Record in HD 4K
  • Choose from 4,8,12,16, or 32 camera systems

Not sure exactly what you need? That’s why ABQ-IT is here to help! We’re happy to come to your location, learn about your concerns and specifications, and then give you an estimate for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my video security system save footage?

You can choose from systems that store footage for 30, 60, or 90 days. Video footage is stored encrypted, so you’re not at any additional risk for a cyber attack.

Can I access the video surveillance from my computer or phone?

Yes! When we install your security system, we will teach you how to view the footage conveniently and safely from your phone or computer so you can check in on your business wherever you are.

How much do security camera systems cost?

The cost of security cameras in Albuquerque totally depends on the business needs and scope of work. Pricing varies between make, model, number of cameras needed, and other factors. But we’d be happy to learn about your needs and then provide you with a free estimate.